We believe that de continuity and quality of de resistance seam weld can only be quaranteed if both MeltingTogehter and the customer are fully involved. Confidence and a shared responsibility are essential.

Consultation after inspection

With consulting services, to small & big businesses, MeltingTogether provides targeted and efficient service. Our Consultants and Technical engineers draw up a custom-made plan for your specific rolling seam welding process and electric welding machine repairing. In headlines we work as follows:

  • 1. MeltingTogether plans an interview with the responsible members of your team
  • 2. MeltingTogether visit during a daytime maintenance
  • 3. Make a evaluation with the responsible members of your team and share our findings
  • 4. MeltingTogether follows a procedure that consists of:
    • a. Measurement of the machine (what is its current status)
    • b. Frequent maintenance
    • c. Frequent overhaul of components
    • d. Spare parts advice
    • e. Delivery of components
  • 5. We discuss te plan with the responsible members of your team, if agreed te support can start.


Customer advising

Overhaul welding heads

  • 1. A new customer in the steel industry called us. They had cold welds and because of that high downtimes.
  • 2. Request was if we could supply an urgent overhaul of the welding heads complete with pneumatic gearbox for the weld wheel drive.
  • 1. Customer sent the components and the drawings to us with express shipment and confirmed the order.
  • 2. We dismantled the components, carried out inspection, and send a inspection report with the indication price for the overhaul to the costumer.
  • 3. Customer agreed us carrying out the overhaul. The line was up and running again within 5 days.
  • 4. A visit was planned for evaluation and to speak about a consultancy route.
  • 5. The rest is history, consultancy was carried out and now the line is functioning without problems and with accurately planned maintenance and support.